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        Along with folk dancing, drama has also been an important cultural activity both enjoyed and performed at the KCC. The KCC has its very own drama group, the‘Hebun’ drama group, which translates to ‘existing’ in English; i.e. being in has
        had a huge impact on the workplace.

        The was established in early 2005 and is instructed by a team of experienced and qualified teachers who motivate and inspire the students in their creative and enthusiastic approach to teaching.

        A range of drama techniques and theatrical forms are explored and performed by the group. While the group are currently focused on performing plays, which express the feelings, stories and emotions of the Kurdish people who have had to flee and migrate from their homelands they also specialise in comedy sketches, in which their unique talents are shown off in front of hundreds of viewers.

        With fun-filled learning activities which aim to develop ongoing confidence, selfesteem and skill in verbal communication the group provide a unique opportunity for members of the community to explore their talents and gain valuable educational experiences as well as enabling them to be in a pleasing social environment.

        The group have thus far performed in a wide range of festivals as well regular events held at the KCC. Moreover, the group are currently working on a project with the drama school at the University of East London (UEL), where experiences and talents are shared. This has gained the KCC’s students many skills and has provided them with a different viewpoint into the world of drama.

        The drama class which comprises of 20 students meets very Monday at 6pm in the KCC for its weekly training workshops. The class is open to everyone who is committed to attend the training workshops on a weekly basis.

        Apart from this there is also a drama class for children every Sunday as part of the KCC’s supplementary school. Here children learn various techniques of drama in a practical as opposed to theoretical way. A member of the group once said “…when there was no words, there was drama and theatre…” so as the Kurdish community lets come together and speak in the in the words of theatre.

        Youth/Leisure Room

        The KCC is very proud to announce its first ever film and cinema study group, which was set up in the summer of 2005.The group, which comprises of 33 people from various backgrounds, both students and ordinary members of the community who have an interest in the area started off their work with a four moth workshop programme studying, – discussing and learning the theory of film making, acting and directing.

        The group also equipped itself with knowledge of the technical side of film making by studying the various different forms of short and long film and camera, lighting and sound equipment. Film and cinema deals with both art and entertainment, culture and commerce, analysis of film and cinema leads to a deeper understanding of our media-literate society than simply watching movies. The massive cultural importance of film itself warrants serious study. From the global influence of Hollywood to the energy and diversity of national cinemas, our perspective on many aspects of life now depends on our ability to master visual languages.

        The KCC’s film and cinema study group where not late to find that the subject area is a diverse subject that explores the most popular art form of modern culture. Film studies provides the opportunity to engage rigorously with moving images and enables one to think historically, theoretically and analytically about a wide range of cinematic forms.

        Alongside the theoretical, cultural and historical approach to film, the KCC’s film and cinema studies group also provides a framework for analysing individual films and understanding the techniques of film production in the context of marketing, distribution, exhibition and consumption.

        The group have also learnt how to critically appreciate film using approaches that combine the history and theory of film with the practical and technical aspects of film making. This is a highly fascinating and rewarding area of study and one that the KCC will be
        expanding upon. The film and cinema study group having completed their theoretical study of the area embarked upon the extremely challenging but fun aspect of their chosen area of study; the actual making of a film.

        The ambitious group with the help of many others are currently in the process of making a film, which will explore the tragic life stories of four Kurdish migrants in London who happen to meet at a bus stop. The group are working night and day on the project with two to three hours of sleep each day.

        The film will be entitled “durak”, “stop” in English; i.e. bus stop, and is likely to be produced in or around April 2006. The film is a short 20 minute film, but one which has a lot of substance and effort. It is anticipated that the film will be sent off to film festival for view and showings. Once produced the film is likely to be shown to the community at one of the local cinemas and or at the KCC. While it is the first project worked on by the KCC’s film and cinema studies group it is hoped that it will prove to be a useful reference for future projects.

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