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        Supplementary School

        The KCC is committed to providing resources for the enhancement and education of its community. To that end, the KCC, with the support of the BBC Children in Need and the Harringey Community Chest has been running a supplementary school designed for children through, which it provides
        a wide range of programmes to support children’s and young people’s learning, enable healthy family relationships and
        assist with the role of parenting, with a focus on improving opportunities.

        The KCC began its supplementary school programme as a result of its recognition that children from its community where increasingly falling behind at their daily schools compared to other children of their age groups, and as a result not achieving to their
        fullest potentials in tests and exams.

        Part of the problem, which has gained increasing consensus, is the lack of participation and awareness from parents.

        As such, the KCC has and will continue to encourage parents to contribute to the planning of the supplementary school and their children’s learning, and hence increasing their understanding of the vital role they play as educators.

        Schools play a big part in the learning process, but the support that families offer their children is the key to children’s ability to make the most of educational opportunities. Getting involved in their children’s education also often triggers a desire for parents to take up learning themselves, benefiting the whole family.

        To encourage further development, the KCC has set as part of its objectives, developing training sessions and seminars to be held at the centre for parents to understand the schooling system and thus assist and monitor their children at every stage of their education.

        The supplementary school currently runs every Sundays between 12noon and 6pm during, which the children are taken through an intense schedule of lesions and classes including the following;

        -English key stage 1-4
        -Maths key stage 1-4
        -Science key stage 1-4
        -Kurdish language
        -Kurdish Folk Dancing & Drama; and
        -Music – Guitar, Saz and Chorus
        This programme has been especially designed to concentrate on and encourage the children to succeed in core subjects at their mainstream schools as well as to develop awareness and further their understanding of Kurdish culture and heritage and language skills. It is hoped that this will build up their self-esteem and confidence in order to facilitate their integration into both the local ethnic community and the community at large.

        The school’s educational priorities are to enhance the educational experiences of disadvantaged children by bringing in cultural
        activities that help children overcome lack of confidence. This is predominant in children from disadvantaged backgrounds. The
        target is to improve the overall performance of all of our students. The supplementary school started off with 6 pupils. This year has seen continued development and despite very limited funding there are currently over 189 pupils registered at the school. The programme of classes is run one after another and in some cases simultaneously with approximately 15-20 pupils in each class at any one time.

        The syllabus followed is delivered through class based study and homework, which is set and monitored on a weekly basis. The
        ethos is to support the children and encourage them to complete tasks independently. The continued achievements of pupils is
        extremely important. For this reason systems have been developed for tracking the performance of its pupils through continuous
        internal assessment.

        Additionally information is continually collected on the achievements of pupils in mainstream schools through parents. This
        informal tracking has been fairly effective and close links with parents ensures a quick response to any difficulties faced by any
        individual pupil.

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