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  • Discover Kurdish Music and Art and Fall in Love With the Culture

    Kurds are one of the most fascinating cultures on earth, and this guide will help you learn all about their music and art. From traditional dances to vivid art installations, explore the rich culture of Kurdistan in this comprehensive guide. Introduction to Kurdish Music and Art Kurdish music and art are beautiful and intriguing. They […]

  • Stop Assuming Women Don’t Know What They Want They Do!

    Are you familiar with the saying “women know what they want, and they want what men want?” Well, this saying is actually true. Women just want to be treated with respect and be given the same opportunities as men, but many men don’t want to accept this fact. Women do want the same things as […]

  • How To Respect A Woman’s Worth

    Looking to show your respect for a woman? Here are some tips on how to do just that! By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to demonstrate your appreciation for her and make her feel valued. Recognize the qualities that make a woman special. A woman is more than just a body or a […]

  • The Kurds are Changing the Landscape of the Middle East

    The Kurds are changing the landscape of the Middle East. Over the past few decades, they have been expanding their territory, and their influence is now felt in areas other than Kurdistan, such as Syria and Turkey. Their fight for autonomy has led to tension with other groups in the region, but they are determined […]

  • 5 Simple Ways To Show Respect For Women

    Looking to show respect for women in your life? Here are five simple ways to start! Ask before taking a woman’s picture. Before taking a woman’s picture, it is important to ask her permission first. Make sure to use proper language, avoid making assumptions, and be aware of the tone of your voice. Always make […]

  • How to Enjoy Kurdish Art and Culture

    If you’re interested in exploring Kurdish culture and art, but don’t have the time or money to travel to Kurdistan, here are five tips on how to enjoy it from anywhere in the world. With a little planning and effort, you can experience the vibrant culture and beautiful artwork of Kurdistan without leaving your comfort […]

  • Kürt Ressamlarının Parlaklığını ve Eşsiz Sanatsal Tarzlarını Keşfetmek

    Kürt ressamların hem büyüleyici hem de ilham verici benzersiz bir sanat tarzı var. Eserleri, kültürlerini ve tarihlerini yansıtan canlı renkler, girift ayrıntılar ve güçlü sembolizmle doludur. Kürt ressamların parlaklığını ve benzersiz sanatsal tarzlarını keşfederek kültürlerinin ve geleneklerinin güzelliğine dair fikir edinebiliriz. Kürt ressamlar, çarpıcı sanat eserleri yaratmak için genellikle kuşlar, çiçekler, ağaçlar, dağlar, nehirler, yıldızlar […]

  • The UNGA’s Best Moments from the Seventh Regular Session

    The United Nations General Assembly’s Seventh Regular Session had some memorable moments! Here are a few of the most exciting ones. The General Assembly passed a resolution declaring October 9th as World Food Day. The General Assembly has recognized the importance of food security and the need to address global challenges such as climate change, […]

  • The way to beat the draft and win your freedom

    If you want to beat the draft and win your freedom, declare yourself a military exempt individual. This means that you do not fit the traditional military criteria and are not required to serve in the military. There are a few ways to do this, but one of the most common is to enlist in […]

  • Hackney Technology and Learning Center: Unleashing the power of Hackney’s talented youth

    The Hackney Technology and Learning Center (HTLC) is a new community center that has the potential to change the lives of its talented students. The HTLC offers classes in technology, creative writing, and music, as well as opportunities to participate in workshops and projects with local businesses and organizations. The HTLC is attracting a great […]

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