“8 Kurdish videos that will change your view of the language”

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about Kurdish, but found the language difficult to grasp, these eight videos will change your mind. These short clips teach you some of the basics of the Kurdish language, such as how to say “hello” and “thank you.” Whether you want to expand your knowledge of the region or simply want to be able to communicate with locals more easily, these videos are a great way to get started.

Introduction to Kurdish

Kurdish is a language spoken by over 10 million people around the world, and is one of the most spoken languages in the Middle East. Kurdish is also one of the most pluricentric languages, with three dialects: Kurmanji, Sorani, and Zaza. Kurdish has a tonal system with six tones: high, middle, low, falling, rising, and neutral. Kurdish also has a fairly simple syntax with only two main verb tenses: past and present. Kurdish has a complex consonant inventory with over 30 phonemes. Kurdish has borrowed words from Arabic, Persian, Turkish, and more.

The Kurdish alphabet

The Kurdish alphabet is a script made up of 26 letters. The letters are similar to the Arabic alphabet, but with a few extra letters. There are no spaces between words in Kurdish, only between syllables. The Kurdish alphabet is pronounced like the English letter “A”.

The Kurdish alphabet is used to write the Kurdish language, as well as other languages that share a similar alphabet, like Persian and Arabic.

Kurdish words and phrases

When it comes to Kurdish words and phrases, there are over 200 of them. These words come from all areas of the language- from the vocabulary used in daily life, to the idiomatic expressions used in social interactions.

To begin your journey into the Kurdish language, it is important to first learn the root and the suffixes for each word. This will give you a solid foundation upon which you can build your vocabulary.

Some of the most common Kurdish words are listed below. Be sure to explore these words further by learning their root and suffixes.

a) ya (root and suffix: “-a”)- father

b) bahar (root and suffix: “-eh”)- month

c) qurban (root and suffix: “-un”)- martyr

d) zilzile (root and suffix: “-ile”)- zipper

e) cinar (root and suffix: “-er”)- star

f) guney (root and suffix: “-ey”)- honey

g) bax (root and suffix: “-ax”)- wagon

h) demirci (root and suffix: “-mirx”)- sugar

i) yalanlar (root and suffix: “-larlar”)- stories

j) dilim (root and suffix: “-lim”)- time

k) qorxor (root and suffix: “-orxar”)- corkscrew

l) dilber (root and suffix: “-beler”)- balloon

m) efsane (root and suffix: “-saner”)- dream

n) gelinlik (root and suffix: “-linlik”)- loneliness

o) kenginleşme (root and suffix: “-nginleşme”)- change

p) inandırma (root and suffix: “-andırma”)- illusion

q) samur (root and suffix: “-murxur”)- submarine

r) saglamak (root and suffix: “-saglamak”)- to be shocked

s) saglik (root and suffix: “-saglik”)- shock

Basic grammar

When it comes to Kurdish grammar, there are a lot of rules that you need to know if you want to speak the language correctly. For example, there are certain words that are always used in a certain way, and you need to be familiar with them if you want to communicate effectively. Additionally, there are also a lot of compound words in Kurdish, and you need to understand how they work in order to use them correctly. Furthermore, Kurdish has its own set of punctuation marks, which you need to be familiar with if you want to use the language correctly.

Kurdish vocabulary

The Kurdish word “ben” means “son”, “daughter”, or “male”.

The Kurdish word “bira” means “drink”, “to drink”, or “to quench thirst”.

The Kurdish word “terxwîl” means “a metal spoon with a long handle used for stirring soups and stews, for serving food from a bowl, and as a ladle.”

The Kurdish word “şehîd” means “a sword”.

Kurdish pronunciation

Preliminary Note: In this section, we will be discussing the different sounds that Kurdish letters make. These sounds will be put into practice in the next section, where we will be learning how to pronounce Kurdish words.

The Kurdish alphabet is made up of 21 letters. Each letter has a corresponding sound, and these sounds are represented by letters of the alphabet. The letter “A”, for example, represents the sound “ah”.

Each letter of the Kurdish alphabet can be pronounced in one of three ways:

1) As the English letter that it represents:

e.g. Dağ (دƒa), Zıp (ziːp), Kaymak (keːɾma)

2) With a long vowel sound:

e.g. Dünya (duːni), İçim (iːtʃim), Teker (tekɾer)

3) With a short vowel sound:

e.g. Kerem (keːrem), Sığır (siːɣır)

Kurdish idioms

Kurdish idioms can be a very interesting and fun way to communicate. They can help you to express your thoughts more effectively, and are often used in religious ceremonies or conversations. Kurdish idioms are often used in any situation.


Kurdish is a difficult language to learn, but these videos will help you learn the basics. The Kurdish alphabet, Kurdish words and phrases, and basic grammar are all covered in these videos. Additionally, you’ll learn how to pronounce and spell Kurdish correctly, as well as some of the key vocabulary and idioms used in the language. With these resources under your belt, you’ll be able to communicate more effectively in Kurdish than ever before!

Kurdish is a beautiful and interesting language, and these 8 videos will help you learn some of the basics. If you’re interested in learning more about Kurdish, be sure to check out these resources.

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