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        Kurdish Folk Dancing

        Folk dancing (folklor) is an integral part of the Kurdish cultural tradition and is performed by everyone at all ages and genders.

        Generally speaking the Kurdish people love music, poetry and dancing. Many Kurdish regions, cities and villages have their own dances. Romance and heroism are usually the theme of dances or folk legends. The dances are usually performed with a type of flute (zurnah) and drum (dohol).

        The dances represent a tremendous spectrum of human expression that can be studied in a number of ways and for a number of reasons. They represent and tell a story of the various emotions, tensions and joys of
        the Kurdish way of life.

        They provide an extremely joyful visual art both for the performer and participant. Folk dancing has been a cornerstone of the cultural activities provided at the KCC for years now and it will continue to do so. Along with being fun to learn it also provides an opportunity for social interaction and meeting and making new friends in a very informal warm atmosphere. Once they have attained a certain level of experience the KCC supports and encourages its folk dancing groups to participate in competitions, which are organised both in the United Kingdom and on a Europe wide basis. As well as to perform in shows and festivals in the UK. Furthermore the KCC also sponsors its dancers to attend training sessions in Germany where the opportunity arises, where they attend folk dancing camps and train with experts on both the theory and
        practice of folk dancing.

        This years training session to Germany took place between the 21st of December 2005 to the 31st of December 2005 to, which the KCC sponsored 10 participants.

        Other than at the scheduled times listed above the KCC has also expanded its classes to outside its premises. To that end, an
        instructor from the KCC also teaches folk dancing to a mixed group of 18 young adults in the nearby Sir Gorge Monocks College.

        The KCC is currently liaising with other nearby schools and colleges in order to expanded this service. This has been a growing need due to the fact that there are many members of the community who cannot attend the KCC for various reasons.

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