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        The KCC Sports hall was part of the rebuilding project and did not exist in the former building. The hall is quipped with a purpose built changing and shower room located next to the hall.

        Although the hall had been built it could not be used due to on-going maintenance problems with its flooring. It has only been fully functional since early 2005. Despite this however, it cannot be said that the hall has been used to its fullest potential.

        Since January 2006 “Shotokan Karate” martial arts for adults and children, and aerobics, gymnastics and yoga for women are being practiced at the hall on a weekly basis.

        The hall provides a unique opportunity for women of all ages from the community to
        participate in aerobics, gymnastics and yoga as a method of keeping fit, healthy and loosing weight. The aim of the KCC in providing sports and recreational activities is to develop a
        wider social perspective, enhance skills and gain qualifications, confidence and experience.

        Although these are significant developments we feel that much more can be done to provide recreational as well as sporting activities at the hall.

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