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        Music classes are yet another cultural activity offered at the KCC. The KCC runs a music theory course on Sundays for children as part of it supplementary school, which covers
        all aspects of learning to read and understand music.

        Instrument wise the class is mainly focused on the teaching of ‘saz’ a classical seven string guitar type instrument, which appears largely in Anatolian and Mesopotamian

        Sadik Dogan

        Indeed the music taught is solely from these regions. Traditional Kurdish music has always sprung from the community. The KCC through its music classes will find ways in which our music reflects our community, our daily lives and our wider cultural inheritance. As our choice of repertoire becomes more considered so our story will begin to come through in our music.

        Music can be an extremely relaxing interest or hobby to take up. It is very entertaining, rewarding as well as educating. Music also builds confidence and self-esteem. Through its music classes the KCC hopes to convey these benefits to the children that participate.

        The KCC is conscience of the fact that the needs and wants of children from the community changes rapidly. For this reason it is in the process of developing a wide rage of
        music classes where a wider variety of instruments can be taught.

        As well as learning by ear students at the KCC will also look at the creative interpretation of traditional manuscripts, by looking at the elements of phrasing, bowing, tempo,
        harmony and variation.

        • Children’s chorus
        In addition to the instrumental and theoretical music classes for children the KCC also offers a children’s chorus class for children, which is once again taught within the framework
        of the supplementary school.

        The chorus class provides an opportunity for talented young singers to develop and train their voices with the assistance of a qualified teacher. The chorus class is run every Sunday at the KCC.

        • Music for young adults and the youth
        The KCC is also in the process of developing projects that will aim at music classes for young adults and the youth. Currently this has-been kicked off with a group of ten people who are learning and practicing music theory at level 5 every Saturday at the KCC.

        The aim of the KCC is to develop this into recognised music theory classes, which will be open for anyone who wants to join from the community.

        • The KCC’s music bands
        The KCC has two of its very own music bands. The first is Koma Sersi (Group Sersi), which consists of three members all of whom have had professional training at the Mesopotamia Cultural Centre (MKM) in Istanbul /Turkey.

        Members of the group both practice and teach music at the KCC. They perform in various events both at the KCC and elsewhere. The KCC’s second group is known as Koma
        Av u Tav (Group Av u Tav), which consists of four females whom also teach and practice at the centre. Similarly, Koma Av u Tav also perform both at events at the KCC and elsewhere.

        The KCC’s aim with its music classes and is to provide an opportunity for all of its students to gain wide experiences of public performance, competitions, staged productions and concerts, which will help build confidence and enable individuals to develop socially.

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